Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's that?..Say Junior...Hope and Crosby!

The Bob Hope Show was similar to the Bing Crosby Show. Like Crosby, he came to radio early and stayed late. He shared with Crosby an ability with words, a glibness, a keen intelligence. They did not however share their styles. Crosby on the air was slow and mellow: Hope was a machine gun, constantly firing off jokes.
Showcased in the show were the likes of James Melton, Jane Froman, Jack Kirkwood, Patricia Wilder, Johnny Mercer, and Frank Parker.
The Pepsodent Show with Yehudi became intertwined with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson but all along, Hope was definitely the star.
No one had ever told jokes quite like Bob Hope. His monologues were rapid-fire blasts of comedy, extremely topical and wildly appreciated by all of his audiences.
Hope had Olympic style writers writing for him and he insisted that the script be exactly 37 minutes long. It was then whittled down joke by joke until only the surefire material remained. The result on the air was a breathless gush, with six laughs a minute guaranteed.

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